Wondering why you should invest in workplace EV chargers?

A Win-Win situation for entrepreneurs!

Future-proof and good for the company's image.

In the battle for new employees and skilled workers, small things can make a difference. With a workplace charging point for electric cars, you are presenting yourself as a modern employer who acts with climate-friendly commitment, responsibility, and environmental awareness:

Install work charging points and secure the future with electric cars

E-Mobility is not a trend that comes and goes. Clean mobility is being promoted in both private and business life. This, along with tax and financial benefits, is encouraging more and more people to embark on the mobility of tomorrow. The low maintenance and operating costs and also the even power distribution is also a big plus.

Reasons why companies benefit from having their own Workplace charging point for electric vehicles. Plus, tips for better planning.

Attract attention with workplace EV charger

Attention is hard currency in any competition. This is where commercial EV chargers pay off for companies. The public perceives you as a pioneer in the field of traffic and energy turnaround. Business partners, guests and applicants get to know you as a responsible entrepreneur who is open to new ideas.

Encourage peers to invest in workplace EV charger

Why not involve your employees in your considerations at an early stage? That shows you care. Who is on the road sustainably, who wants to switch to e-mobility? How many employee parking spaces should be available? Electric scooters and e-bikes can also benefit from work charging point and should be considered accordingly.

Think about your future plans - is the vehicle fleet growing, and with it the electricity demand?

From 3.7 kW to 22 kW – We are the one-stop-shop for commercial EV chargers in Northampton

Whether it is a retail store, a large company or a housing association, Superior EV Charging Solutions Northampton has the perfect solution for every workplace EV charger need. For example, the smart wall box with two EV charging point, where a van, as well as the electric car of an employee, can be charged in a few hours. Or the quick charging station with intelligent fleet management, where several vehicles can be charged simultaneously in a short time during operation.

On this website, you can find some information about the different EV solutions and workplace EV chargers. But it is certainly better to speak directly so we can find the perfect, most cost-efficient solution for your business.

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