Rolec EV, part of Rolec Services, is one of the world’s leading specialists in outdoor electrical equipment. It designs, manufactures, and aids the installation of a wide range of EV charging solutions for home and commercial use.

Manufactured with an industry experience of over 30 years, Rolec EV charger represent reliability at their peak. So, it was only natural that we, at Superior EV Charging Solutions, maintain a comprehensive inventory of Rolec EV chargers Northampton for our customers. Being a trusted home and commercial EV charger installation firm, we also take care of the entire installation procedure, following the latest safety protocols.

About Rolec EV Chargers

Established in 1990, Rolec Services has carved a name as a specialist in designing, manufacturing, and supplying electrical equipment worldwide. In fact, it offers the country’s most comprehensive range of AC Fast and DC Rapid charging points, delivering scalable, cost-efficient charging solutions for all requirements.

Its products include electrical connection, charging, and distribution equipment for home, commercial areas, fleet, and workplaces. Rolec provides unmatched products led by a team of dedicated professionals, which has proven to be a success among many organisations worldwide.

Rolec is also a preferred charge point partner for various companies across the UK. These include:

  • Amazon
  • UPS
  • DHL
  • Skanska
  • MG Motors
  • NEXT
  • Mercedes Benz
  • PayPal
  • Vauxhall
  • Balfour Beatty
  • National Trust
  • NHS
  • Anglian Water

And much more!

Rolec is heavily committed to innovation and sustenance of top-grade reliable EV charging solutions at competitive pricing.

To know more about our collection, you can always drive down to Superior EV Charging Solutions and have a chat with our experts.

Rolec EV charger available at our facility


WALLPOD: EV continues to remain one of the most popular and reliable EV charging solutions matching various requirements. This range of simple, cost-effective charging units is specifically designed to meet domestic and commercial EV charging point needs with ease.

This range is available in both Mode 2 and Mode 3 fast charging variants. At our facility, we stock both 3.6kW and 7.2kW units. You can choose from the following variants:

  • EVHS2010 Wallpod EV HomeSmart Charger, 32A Socket, GPRS
  • EVHS2010 Wallpod EV HomeSmart Charger, 16A Socket, GPRS
  • 16A Socket EVWP2010 Wallpod EV Charger
  • 16A Socket w/ Hatchlock EVWP2016 Wallpod EV Charger
  • 32A Socket EVWP2020 Wallpod EV Charger
  • 32A Socket w/ Hatchlock EVWP2026 Wallpod EV Charger
  • 32A Socket w/ Hatchlock WCS EVWP2026 Wallpod EV Charger


  • 32A EVHS1140 Wallpod EV HomeSmart Charger, 5m J1772, GPRS
  • 32A EVHS2140 Wallpod EV HomeSmart Charger, 5m IEC 6, GPRS

BasicCharge: EV

BasicCharge: EV is based on Rolec’s leading Classic Utility pedestal. This charging station is designed to offer prompt and effortless EV charging for all EVs and PHEVs. For improved visibility and aesthetics, this pedestal comes with an LED amenity lighting feature.

This range is available in Mode 3, fast charging 3.6kW and 7.2kW, and Superfast 11kW and 22kW variants.

Quantum: EV

Quantum: EV is a premium and durable EV charging point, providing customers with a simple yet efficient charging solution for personal and commercial use. These units are available in an affordable free-to-charge format and are also OCPP 1.6 back office compliant.

This range is also available in fast charging and superfast speeds at 3.6kW and 7.2kW, and 11kW and 22kW, respectively.

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Superior EV Charging Solutions is an OZEV-approved organisation. So, if you are eligible, you can avail of government grants of up to £350 and £14,000 on installing OZEV-approved Rolec EV charger Northampton for home and commercial use, respectively.

For more information and to see our entire product catalogue, please visit our facility during business hours.