Are you thinking about getting one or more EV chargers installed at your home or business?

Superior EV Charging Solutions is one of the OZEV approved installers of innovative EV smart chargers Northampton. Your search for high-quality EV charging units ends today.Take a look at our superb EV charging points:

Superior EV Wall Charger

  • Applicable for OZEV EV home charger grant.
  • Tethered charger.
  • Available with both Type 1 and Type 2 cables.
  • Equipped with RCD (Residual Current Devices)

The Superior EV Wall Charger is a convenient charger that can be easily mounted on walls. It is compact in size as well as superbly stylish and elegant in design. This OZEV-backed product is available with either a Type 1 or a Type 2 cable, as per your requirement. This OZEV approved product is available with either a Type 1 or a Type 2 cable, as per your requirement.

Moreover, this EV charging device comes with RCD. This means that you never have to worry about electrocution or fires. The EV Wall Charger truly embodies our company vision.

Our passion for EVs follows our concern for the planet.

The reasons why we deal in home and workplace EV chargers Northampton are simple. We want to play our part in making our planet cleaner, and of course, we are in love with all aspects of electric vehicles. The UK has seen a sharp rise in the number of EVs. As of July 2020, there are 330,800 plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) motoring through the roads of the United Kingdom. And these cars are here to stay for a long time, probably much longer than IC engine models.


Electric vehicles are environment-friendly, releasing lesser greenhouse gases and reducing the use of conventional and non-renewable fossil fuels as well. Hence, we decided to assist EV owners in making the planet even greener with superior EV charging stations Northampton, available both for home and commercial spaces. These car owners can also obtain OZEV grant up to £350 per home charging point.

Philosophy matters

Our goal is to contribute to reducing carbon emissions significantly, the key to ensure air quality and green energy. Our innovative EV charging units for installation at home or commercial spaces achieve this purpose.

Our product range is, therefore, diverse with just the perfect option for every electric car owner.

Superior EV Wallpod HomeSmart

  • Convenient mobile phone interactive EV charging solution for homes.
  • Easy remote access.
  • Allows monitoring each charging session.

This smart unit allows you increased accessibility and comfortable charging at your abode. You can easily monitor the charging session through the Super EV Wallpod HomeSmart’s mobile app interface. Moreover, the app keeps a close track of all session history and data to your benefit.

Superior EV Wallpod range

  • Entry-level home charging unit.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Available in tethered and untethered (socketed) versions.

Our Wallpod range hosts a series of pocket-friendly entry-level home charging units. This is a popular domestic or home EV chargers Northampton among our clients and is also OZEV approved for OZEV grant claims. Plus, the range is available in both tethered (J1772, IEC 62196) and socketed (IEC 62196) versions.

EV SolarCharge

  • Ideal for EV owners who have a home solar panel array
  • Provides both Solar and Grid and Solar Only charging modules
  • Shows a summary data screen, highlighting charging history and other data
  • Environment-friendly

If you already have or are planning to install a home solar panel array, this EV charger is meant for you. The product has two special charging modules: Solar and Grid, and Solar only.

EV SolarCharge also incorporates a display that details the charging session history and combination of charging modules used.

EV Wall Charger MultiMode

  • Provides 3.6kW and 7.2kW fast charging.
  • Available in two tethered cable versions.
  • Has an IP65 rated 13-ampere domestic socket.

This multipurpose home EV charging station Northampton is available in J1772 and IEC 62196 tethered versions. It also comes with an IP65 rated domestic socket, which means you can also conveniently use it for connecting garden and home maintenance appliances.

No matter what electric vehicle model you own, expect fast charging with 3 - 4 hours with this high-end product. Additionally, enjoy an OZEV approved grant as much as £350 per vehicle, and if your household has two electric and plug-in-hybrid cars, both are eligible for such grants individually.

For the grant, these factors are also essential –

  • It should be off-street parking
  • The OZEV grant only applies if you use an approved chargepoint installer 
  • You should use an OZEV approved chargepoint

Nonetheless, apart from the home EV smart chargers Northampton mentioned above, Superior EV Charging Solutions also houses an impressive collection EV home charging cables.

Our EV charging cables and accessories are compatible with all electric cars.

  • Superior EV 3-pin plug
  • Type 1 connecter
  • Type 2 connecter
  • CHAdeMO
  • CCS (Combined Charging System)

Should you have any queries related to our home EV smart chargers Northampton, call on - 01604 631010. You can also reach out to us concerning the OZEV grant you might be eligible for.