Convenient Home electric car charger Northampton - a wall box for electric cars makes it possible.

What you need to know about the charging station.

A wall box is the safest, fastest and most convenient way to charge your vehicle at home.

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An essential prerequisite for the safe and quick charging of electric cars at home is a separate charging station.

The advantages of having your own charging station.

A charging station is required to establish communication with the vehicle and to ensure safe charging. This essential requirement for electromobility can only be guaranteed by charging technology that has been installed professionally. Even if the emergency charging cable in the trunk is tempting: In the long run, one should avoid charging an electric car at an earthed house socket. In many cases, neither the socket itself nor the electrical installation behind it is designed for such a permanent load. Both independent test institutes and car manufacturers, therefore, recommend charging at a charging station.

From the user's point of view, there is another major influencing factor: the charging time. Due to the high charging power of 11 or 22 kW, which is achieved thanks to a three-phase connection, it is possible to charge up to 10 times faster at charging stations than at the household socket. "Slow charging", therefore is a thing of the past and you gain a lot of flexibility in everyday life.

A domestic or home EV chargers provides a separate charging station which offers another advantage that many users are not aware of: The higher the charging power, the better its efficiency. This is due to the fact that auxiliary consumers are always active during a charging process, e.g. battery monitoring. The shorter the charging time, the lower the unnecessary power consumption. But the efficiency is also higher because chargers have less energy loss at higher charging power. A charging station can, therefore, also have a financial impact. If you don't want to visit your local charging stations, you can also install home charging point.

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