This Dutch EV charger designer and manufacturer is already making waves on the international market, providing smart and efficient charging solutions for fleet, commercial, and residential spaces.

Being a forward-thinking business ourselves, we, at Superior EV Charging Solutions, stock an extensive collection of EVBox chargers Northampton to help our customers looking for functional yet cost-effective home charging solutions.

With the sole dedication to contribute to a cleaner environment, we believe that EVBox chargers will help us achieve this mission while serving our customers with the utmost commitment. Our expert electricians are always at your disposal and follow the latest techniques and safety protocols during the installation procedure.

EVBox mission

EVBox burst onto the EV scene when the latter was still in its infancy, and the world had just started to see the potential of electric vehicles. Since its establishment in 2010, the company has focused heavily on reducing the impact of transportation on the environment by providing easily accessible and cost-effective charging solutions.

This smart EV charger manufacturing company understands that innovation is required in the EV market to keep up with changing requirements. So, it aims to provide the infrastructure, expertise, and support such that consumers can make a seamless transition to EVs.

At Superior EV Charging Solutions, we whole-heartedly support EVBox’s aim to install 1 million charging points by 2023. To help them realise this dream of sustainable transportation, we stock an exhaustive collection of EV chargers and take care of the installation procedure as well at cost-effective rates.

EVBox chargers Northampton available at our facility

  • EVBox 7.5kW EV Elvi Charging Station Type 2 White Socket
  • EVBox 22kW EV Elvi Charging Station Type 2 White Socket

Both these home EV chargers come with a UMTS modem, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, and a certified Modbus MID kWh meter. They also feature the latest safety protocols, including AC/DC earthing fault detection.

EVBox charger’s special features

Quick and easy installation

We love the EVBox installation procedure due to its sheer simplicity. EVBox Elvi has just 3 parts, i.e. wall box, cable, and station. Once our certified electrician installs the wall dock, you just need to click the station and cable, and the EV charger is ready to use. The modular build click-on features of the EVBox Elvi allows you to upgrade your charging cable and capacity with ease.

It is that simple!

Balanced energy usage

EVBox chargers Northampton optimise the charging economics and balance energy consumption for additional savings on charging costs. This is achieved by adjusting the maximum drawn current and charging power based on the grid connection.

Smart app

You can remote-control the charging sessions using the all-new Hey EVBox app. It enables easy tracking of charging cycles, electricity cost and customising the Elvi charger for efficient power consumption.

Superior EV Charging Solutions is an OZEV-approved EV installation organisation with a team of certified electricians always at your disposal. We are on a constant mission to help British EV owners make the planet greener by providing domestic and commercial charging units. By delivering cost-effective EV chargers, we believe we can help reduce the overall dependency on the grid.

We can also help you avail government grants under the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) and Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS). If eligible, you can get financial aid up to £350 on home and up to £14,000 on commercial EVBox charger installation.

For more information about our product catalogue, please drive down to our facility.