Easee Charge maximises the available electrical capacity within the building using dynamic load and phase balancing. The ultimate solution for delivering EV-Charging at scale for workplace, apartment blocks, car parks and fleet.

Why choose Easee Charge?

Innovative commercial charging

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  • Fully dynamic charging power 1.4 - 22kW (1 and 3 phase charging)
  • Reduces capacity requirements by up to 90%.
  • Load balancing of up to 101 chargers per fuse
  • Automatic queuing system
  • The load and phase balancing works offline
  • WIFI connectivity
  • Integrated 4G in each box (e-sim), free subscription included for life
  • Permanent locking of the Type 2 cable
  • Integrated earth fault protection - (Integral-type B RCD)
  • Integrated RFID reader (NFC / ISO 14443 and MiFare Classic)
  • Supports whitelisting of RFID tags, approved tags is automatically stored locally in each charging robot
  • Energy measurement (+/- 3%), -for reading charge consumption
  • Developed and manufactured in Norway
  • The box is 69% smaller than other solutions and weighs only 1.5kg
  • 3 year warranty, from the day the charger is installed
  • Universal, fits all types of electric cars & power supplies
  • Manual and digital control (Free Easee app)
  • You choose the colour


Full of power

The charger can charge on both 1 and 3 phase and supports charging up to 22 kW. It has a Type 2 standard charging connector.


Load balancing

Easee enables load balancing of up to 101 pcs. charging robots on a single circuit. It can operate both online and offline. Requires wifi mesh in larger facilities for 100% offline guarantee.


Quick charge

With Easee Charge, you can charge up to 10x* times faster than with a regular outlet. It charges as quickly as possible with the available capacity and provides you with the highest charging power. *10x times faster charge requires a 3-phase installation. With 1 phase you will still get 3 times faster charge.


Internet access

All our charging robots are connected to the internet with integrated 4G*. If you buy now you get a 4G subscription included for life. That means you don’t have to worry about having wifi coverage in your garage.
*Assuming 4G coverage is available.



The charging robot is 69% smaller and lighter than other electric chargers, with similar functionality. It weighs only 1.5kg! This means that we save the environment at least 4 kilos of copper and plastic per produced charger.


Allways updated

The charging robot is updated with new features continuously. This way, you know that you have purchased a safe and futureproof product.


A colorful choice

We have covers in five different colors; White, Anthracite, Red, Blue and Black. The choice is yours.



We want you as a customer to have confidence that you have bought lasting quality. A product from Easee comes with a 3 year warranty.

Easy to scale

Easy to scale

We have made it easy and affordable to invest in modern and forward-looking charging infrastructure. With “Easee Ready” docking station you get a completely EV ready charge point at low cost. By pre-installing the infrastructure within the building, upon demand Easee Charge can subsequently be deployed with our innovative “Plug & Play” technology at no additional installation cost.

The charging robot acts as an intelligent junction box and it supports the expansion of multiple charging stations on the same cable. This allows you to easily scale the system.

Fair charge and cost distribution

Fair charge and cost distribution

The Easee Charge have a fully autonomous load balancing system built-in ensuring that the power draw is evenly balanced.
The intelligent queuing system ensures that all cars are charged without overloading the available power supply.

The Easee Charge measures accurate power consumption through its built-in power meters. When a charging station has multiple owners, you keep track of the power consumption of each one, by registering their charge with a RFID chip or through the app.

Made in Norway - for Norwegian weather conditions

Made in Norway - for Norwegian weather conditions

We develop and manufacture our products in Norway. Our products are developed for being able to withstand harsh environments. Not only is it tough it is also small! Our charging robot is 69% smaller than other ev-chargers. It only weights 1,5kg. We have strived to contribute to a sustainable future and are saving the enviroment for 4 kilos of copper and plastics per produced charger.

The charger thrives just as well on the outside of a house as inside a garage. Its components are of high quality and is composed in a very special way. It is IP56 certified and designed to withstand the Norwegian climate.

We want you as a customer to have confidence that you have bought lasting quality. One product from Easee comes with a 3 year warranty.

Feel safe

Feel safe

We’ve added 3 extra levels of security, so that we can sleep well at night, knowing that you can do it too. Safety is an important part of the design.

With an Easee Charging Robot you can be assured that charging is done safely. The charging robot is designed to the latest standards. In addition, there is built-in electronic earth fault protection that ensures detection of DC and ground faults.

The charging robot is also equipped with temperature sensors and protection to prevent overheating. You also don’t have to worry about crooks, the charging cable can be permanently locked in the box via the app or the local wifi interface.

Measurement in mm measurement
General Connectivity
Dimension (mm): H: 256 x W: 193 x D: 106
Wall mounting (mm): cc H: 160 x W: 125
Operating temperature: - 30°C to + 40°C
Weight: 1.5 kg
Built-in 4G / GPRS
WiFi 2.4 GHz b / g / n connection
Control charging with the Easee app
RFID / NFC reader
OCPP 1.6 via our API
Charging Sensors and indicators
Charging power: 1.4 - 22 kW
6A 1 phase - 32A 3 phase (automatically adjusted in relation to available capacity)
Up to 7.36kW at 32A 1 phase
Up to 22kW at 32A 3 phase (TN grid)
Number of phases: 1 and 3 (fully dynamic)
Charging connector: Type 2, Female (IEC 62196-2)
Voltage: 230V / 400V AC (+ -10%) Load balancing of up to 101 pcs. charging robots per fuse
Load and phase balancing works offline
Automatic locking of charging connector
Built-in energy meter
Light strip showing the status of the charger
Touch button for manual adjustment
Brightness control sensor
Temperature sensors in all main contacts
Colours White Antrachite
Red Blue
Safety Protection Complies with the following standards
Built-in Type-B ground fault protection (30mA AC / 6mA DC)
Enclosure degree: IP54 (electronics module)
Impact resistance: IK10
Fire class: UL94
UV resistant Insulation class: II
Over voltage category III (4,5kV AC and 6kV impulse insulation tolerance)
EN/IEC 61000-6-2 (2005)
EN/IEC 61000-6-3 (2007 / 2011)
EN/IEC 61000-32 (2014)
EN/IEC 61000-3-3 (2013)
EN/IEC 60529-1 (1999 / 2013)
EN/IEC 60950-1 (2009 / 2013)
EN/IEC 62955 (2018)
EN/IEC 61009 (2010 / 2012 / 2013)
EN/IEC 60950-22 (2005)
EN/IEC 61851-1 (2010 / 2017)
EN/IEC 61851-22 (2001)
EN/IEC 62196-1 (2014)
EN/IEC 62196-2 (2017)
Radio Equipment Directive 2014/ 53/EU
ROHS directive 2011 /65/EU
CE Konform
Theft Protection
Electronics can be deactivated and tracked in case of theft.
The electronics can be permanently locked using a padlock (not visible).
The charging cable can be locked permanently in the charging station.
Installation Power grids and fuses Integrated circuit in backplate
Installation network: TN, IT and TT (detected automatically)
Installation fuse: Max 63A, pre-connected A-protection on installation fuse for the charging robots.
Cable cross-section: 1.5-10 mm2
Cable diameter: 8-22 mm
Terminal Tightening: 5 Nm
Cable Strip Length: 12 mm
The product contains product-contains
Distribution UK www.easee-international.com/uk