Simple! Stylish! Sleek!

Unlike any other EV charger available on the market, Andersen chargers offer the perfect blend of functionality and design. With customisation options, LED display, and a modular design, the Andersen EV charger is as much an aesthetic upgrade as it is a way to shift to cleaner transportation.

So, at Superior EV Charging Solutions, we maintain an exhaustive collection of electric chargers from Andersen. We think Andersen’s resolution to not compromise on design while removing the dependency on the grid will help us achieve our mission of contributing to a cleaner environment.

If you are interested in adding an Andersen charger to your home, get in touch with our experts for more information.

The Andersen difference

Andersen is specifically designed to making stylish and advanced electric vehicle chargers. These smart EV chargers are manufactured with high-quality industrial-grade products for enhanced durability.

The next-gen EV chargers seamlessly combine with your home’s renewable energy generation units like solar panels and wind turbines. With continuous free OTA software upgrades enhancing in-app user experience, you can schedule and track charging cycles with their costs. Our experts at Superior EV Charging Solutions can help you to understand these specifics better. So, please feel free to place us a call.

Key features of Andersen A2

Fully modular design

Andersen luxury EV chargers are available in two style options: (I) hardwearing and natural wood, and (II) aluminium and stainless steel metal finishes. These units are expertly sprayed by hands and are available in eight different colours for you to choose from.

Neat and tidy

This OZEV approved Andersen charger places extra focus on design, and hence, the EVOFLEK cable and plug is neatly tucked in behind the case and stored out of sight. This design makes it safe for children and pets alike.

Mobile application

As standard procedure, the Andersen A2 EV charger comes with free access to the Konnect 2.0 smartphone application. This app allows you to monitor and manage the charging sessions, remote locking feature and logs crucial data like energy use and cost of charging. With the app, you can also set up overnight off-peak low-cost charging.


The custom-designed flexible cable is supplied with an IP44 rated Type 2 plug. The entire unit is IP65 rated and is specifically designed to withstand rain, snow, and sleet. With no earthing required, this Andersen A2 charger can be installed in domestic and commercial spaces seamlessly.

Compatible vehicles

Andersen A2 charger is compatible with almost all EVs and PHEVs plying on the UK streets. This EV charger can efficiently charge electric vehicles from brands including but not limited to:

  • Mercedes
  • Volkswagen
  • Volvo
  • Tesla
  • Porsche
  • BMW
  • Land Rover
  • Peugeot
  • Polestar
  • Jaguar
  • Citroen
  • Renault
  • Ford
  • MG Motors, etc.

Superior EV Charging Solutions is an award-winning EV charger installation firm dedicated to only one mission: to assist EV owners in making the environment cleaner and greener by removing the dependency on the grid.

Being an OZEV-approved installer under the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) and Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) ourselves, we can help you avail of grants on the installation of Andersen chargers. If eligible, you can get a government grant of up to £350 on home and £14,000 on commercial charger installation.

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