If you are looking for a charging solution to charge your EV or PHEV at home or office conveniently, Pod Point home charger can be an ideal buy for you.

At Superior EV Charging Solutions, we maintain a comprehensive collection of Pod Point chargers Northampton so that all our customers can find exactly what they need here under one roof. Moreover, being a reliable EV charger installation firm, our expert electricians are always at your disposal to take care of the installation procedure following the latest safety protocols.

A closer look at Pod Point

Established in 2009, Pod Point has grown to become one of the leading EV charging solutions providers in the UK. Since its establishment, the firm has produced and sold over 96000 charging stations across the UK and Norway.

Pod Point was set up with an unwavering determination to help car owners adopt cleaner transport and reduce the carbon footprint. So, led by Erik Fairbairn, the company has set up a network of smart EV charging points at crucial locations to aid in the easier adoption of next-gen electric vehicles.

These EV car chargers are Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled via a smartphone application. This app can be used for diagnostic checks, receiving firmware updates, remote support, and other relevant data.

Being a trusted EV charger installation company ourselves, Pod Point’s vision of sustainable transportation instantly appealed to us. So, at Superior EV Charging Solutions, we maintain an extensive collection of Pod Point home chargers Northampton for domestic and commercial spaces. We believe that by maintaining such an exhaustive collection, we will be able to realise our mission to contribute to a cleaner environment.

Pod Point Solo EV Home charger

You can select from the following variants:

Pod Point – Solo Home EV Charger Universal Socket

This model is designed for maximum compatibility, suitable if you have multiple vehicles with separate connectors.

Variants: It is available in 3.6kW and 7.2kW charging speeds with portable cable sold separately.

Pod Point – Solo Home EV Charger Tethered Charger

This compact and weatherproof model comes with a charging cable that is permanently attached and can be wound around the Pod Point charger.

Variants: Type 1 4.8m and Type 2 7.5m available.

Both variants are available in various power ratings, i.e. 3.6kW, 7kW, and 22kW models. However, please note that the 22kW variant requires a 3-phase electric supply; so, opt for this variant only after verifying the compatibility. These chargers also come with additional features like Auto Power Balancing, meaning the 7kW units can be installed on any UK property without compromising the electric safety.

Compatible vehicles

Pod Point home chargers Northampton are compatible with almost all plug-in vehicles plying on the UK streets. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Chevrolet
  • Citroen
  • Ford
  • Hyundai
  • Jaguar
  • Land Rover
  • Mercedes Benz
  • MG Motors
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Porsche
  • Renault
  • Seat
  • Tesla
  • Volkswagen

And much more!

Pod Point also takes care of the OZEV grant under the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS), if you are eligible for one.

We, Superior EV Charging Solutions, are also an OZEV-approved facility. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can avail of government grants of up to £350 and £14,000 on the installation of home and commercial chargers, respectively.

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