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Electric Car Charging Points Northampton

Electric Car Charging Points
Electric Vechile Charging Points
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With the right electric car charging points Northampton and station for your home, you can start your everyday life with your e-car in a relaxed manner.

Climate-friendly, cheap, better

When you think of electric mobility, the first thing that comes to mind is climate-friendliness. And rightly so, because EV charging point Northampton (especially at green electric charging stations) is more climate-friendly than filling up with fossil fuels. E-vehicles have neither CO2 nor particulate emissions.

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The second good reason: E-mobility is cheaper. In a cost comparison, the e-car is ahead of the internal combustion engine: the costs for 100 km or 62 miles are on average half as high for recharging as for filling up a petrol vehicle.

And last but not least, e-cars are also convinced with better technology. A car with a fuel tank is very maintenance-intensive. There are fewer problem areas with the e-car, and thanks to the lithium-ion battery, it can theoretically be recharged as often as required.

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Home charging point

More and more drivers are opting for their own electric car charging points Northampton right outside their door. With EV charging points and solutions for cars and vans, you can charge your electric car and vans conveniently at home via cable and are no longer dependent on public charging stations for electric vehicles.

They are the type of home charging point at your homes or residential areas that are quite inexpensive and convenient. These Electric Car Charging points are environment-friendly.

With your own wall box, you save yourself the trip to the charging station. Once at home, you can charge your electric car in one easy step. You may easily benefit from our services like electric car charger installations.

Charger Types

There are different kinds of electric chargers from which your electric cars derive power. You can simply charge your vehicle by plugging it into a socket or charging unit. There are various kinds of EV Charging stations to keep your electric vehicle fully charged.

  • Slow chargers: These chargers are suitable for overnight charging. It takes around 6-12 hours to recharge an electric car. They are rated at 3.6kW.
  • Fast chargers: They have a rating of 7 to 22kW and take around 3-7 hours to recharge an EV. There are different kinds of models available on the market. Now, you have to decide which type of EV charge point you require.
  • Rapid chargers: They have an efficiency to charge 80% in 20 to 40 minutes, hence they are the quickest.

Electric car charging cables

Charging cables have connectors which you put into the vehicle or electric vehicle charging points Northampton. You should use the charging connector depending on the vehicle and power rating of the EV Charging point UK.

UK three pin plug

  • Type 1
  • Type 2
  • Chademo
  • Combined Charging System

Electric Car Charging Points

  • Tethered charge point: This EV charging point has a long cable attached to the cabin through Type 1 or Type 2 connector. Most electric cars in the UK come with a Type 2 connector. It is highly recommended to check with a manufacturer before buying this type of EV charging point UK.
  • Socketed charge point: This type of Electric Vehicle Charging Points Northampton has no cable attached to it. It is an EV charging stations with necessary safety devices to protect you, your car and home’s fuse board.

The advantage of socketed charge points is that you can charge every kind of electric vehicle as no specific connector type is required with this EV charging point.

What power rating should I use for my home socket?

In home charging, 3-7kW chargers are widely used and recommended in the UK. Many houses in the UK run on a single phase (AC) electricity and can support the extra load of 7kW. Three phase (AC) supply helps in fast charging upto 22 kW.

Rapid chargers are suitable for long journeys and can charge your EV much quicker. It is not advisable to use it often because this can degrade your electric car’s battery with time.

Workplace Charging points

The workplace EV chargers used at the workplace help employees to recharge their electric vehicles in their companies. Installing chargers at the workplace help companies to keep their carbon emissions in limits.


Many people ask:

"My house has many sockets. Why should I get electric car charging points Northampton and station?"

The answer is very simple - Safety at home comes first!

Depending on the power distribution of your property, voltage and strength of your power connection, you have a different charging capacity.

A conventional power outlet is not designed to run a large appliance for several hours. It will run hot, and in the worst case, this can lead to a cable fire.

Therefore: Better play it safe and invest in a suitable charging station. All you need to do is plug it in - and your electric car will charge not only faster and comfortably but safely day after day.

Fully charged ten times faster

How quickly an electric car charges depends primarily on its battery - the charging capacity and also the charging capability. For example, if a standard household power or Universal socket offers just 2.3 kilowatts - a modern electric car with 24 kilowatt-hours of battery capacity can be expected to take 11 hours to charge.

The technology of an EV wall box enables safe and much faster charging due to a high charging capacity.

What is the range of my electric car and how long does it take to recharge?

The most common question that comes to mind, is how long it takes to recharge an electric car. Because filling petrol in a car takes a few minutes, to charge an EV from low to full requires much more time. You may charge electric cars during night when they are not in use in the same way you charge your mobile phones.

You will more likely find the answer in your vehicle handbook.

The range of electric cars currently varies from around 75 miles to about 310 miles with a full charge. Depending on driving style, weather conditions and the age of the battery, this value can vary. In particular, newer models such as the Tesla Model 3, the Mercedes-Benz EQC or the Hyundai Kona are suitable for longer journeys due to their generous range.

We hope you have found this information page helpful.

If you have any questions, need expert advice about which charging solution is best for you or to get a free quote, please contact us.


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